"We will be there, on time, on budget, everytime!"..

Welcome to HandyWoman

Remember Tina Huelin the Cardiff property developer from TV’s ‘How I made my property fortune’? Whilst developing properties in Cardiff she was frustrated, like many, waiting around for unreliable tradespeople. Tina H established HandyWoman Ltd with a fresh perspective to absolutely guarantee that:

"We will be there, on time, on budget, everytime!"

HandyWoman’s professional property maintenance team also includes specialists which are employed full time in the Cardiff based company. You can be confident that when HandyWoman’s team is in your home they will always be professional, efficient and in-tune with your lifestyle needs. We also recognise the diversity of our customer base, especially the needs of the elderly and our multi-cultural community.

HandyWoman Ltd encourages a new breed of skilled women through positive employment policies and extensive professional training to rise to the challenge of being true professionals.

"We will be there"

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