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Franchise Concept

Whilst the role of women at high levels in business is undoubtedly growing, the opportunities for them to go into their own business are few and far between. It was this scenario that was the driving force for the founder of HandyWoman Tina Huelin not only to succeed but to provide an opportunity for women to create successful businesses too.

Tina Huelin was brought up in a council estate and finished up a millionaire through buying property, carrying out refurbishment and selling on for a profit. During this time she needed to use various trades’ people and became frustrated at the quality of workmanship, reliability and no doubt in the early days being taken advantage of because she was a woman.

So in 2003 Tina established HandyWoman Ltd® - a company dedicated to training and employing multi-skilled women providing non emergency small jobs in the home. Training schemes and business systems were developed and by mid 2006 after building up to four vans in Cardiff, Tina decided to expand via franchising and offer the franchise to other businesspersons.

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